Ariel Strong

Web Developer & Data Visualization Specialist

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Code, creativity, and excellent communication skills are the tools I use to craft software that meets your business needs. By listening, learning, and asking questions, I actively seek to understand your customers and help you reach your business objectives.

This balance of technical skills and soft skills, lets me solve tough business problems while increasing your customers’ satisfaction and engagement.

In addition, my experience as a firefighter/EMT and a musician has honed my ability to work as part of a team and gives depth and fresh perspective to my problem solving approach.


MFMD Tableau Presentation – PHXTUG Meeting

A presentation of work done for the Mesa Fire and Medical Department. Watch the talk. Download the slide deck.

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Web Sockets Presentation – DesertPy

Presentation on WebSockets. Given April 26, 2017 at DesertPy Meetup. Download the slide...
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Work Samples

Tableau Data Analysis and Visualization

Objective: Quantify the impact of the annual budget allocated to fall injury education and prevention.

Noteworthy Result: Identified a potential 3.25 million dollar reduction in medical transport costs from an achievable rate of fall injury reduction.

You can interact directly with one of the Tableau workbooks and see a presentation I gave at the Phoenix Tableau Users Group. 

This project let me use my communication skills and background in emergency services in tandem with my analysis and visualization skills. I had the opportunity to work closely with staff and was able to demonstrate the value and power of the data they already had, as well as jointly plan a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of their fall injury prevention program.

HTML5 Applications with Data Feeds

Coded a series of apps that were used in a digital signage company’s content network. The apps utilized HTML5/CSS3/Javascript and delivered financial data via JSON feeds.

I later adapted the apps for the same company so that they could sell them as individual “widgets” via an online signage marketplace. This required moving them to the AngularJS framework and interfacing with the marketplace’s API.

I also secured, maintained, and monitored the server that the apps were hosted on.

Interactive Dashboards

Using Tableau, I designed a series of interactive dashboards for a client’s use in a consulting practice.

I worked closely with the client to determine the desired design and functionality, asking many questions to understand how she would use the product in actual practice before making the prototype. I then iterated through a series of improvements based on testing and use, to arrive at the final product.

Digital Signage Network Sports Apps

These were similar to the financial apps mentioned above, but also needed to continuously adapt to the changing numbers of games and game statuses over the course of a season.

This project also required writing additional code to address issues the client company was having with their underlying digital signage content management system, as well as interacting with multiple APIs over time as the company experimented with different feed and service providers. Adaptability for the win!

Web Development for Ecommerce

I have designed and developed numerous business websites on a number of different platforms and content management systems.

In addition, I manage clients’ sites on virtual private servers (VPS) in the cloud on LAMP or LEMP stacks, and provide server security, monitoring, and maintenance.

Associated artwork and illustrations

The logo to the left was designed for Code Sisters, the organization I founded to assist women learning to code.

I wanted something that included the wordplay embodied in the initials “CS” and had a bold contrast and feel with a pink that wasn’t too pink.

To emphasize that it was an organization centered on coding, I chose to go with the popular “tech hexagon” motif. I added a dash of diagonal motion from the upper left to the optical illusion square and lines “S” in the center to give a sense of active progress, and to give a little nod to superhero insignia.


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