Interactive Tableau Dashboards

NOTE: The following are screen shots of selected portions of individual dashboards from within a larger system. To eliminate proprietary information and protect individuals’ privacy, I have anonymized the selections and do not link to actual Tableau workbooks which could yield their underlying data. Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the deeper data processing and analysis techniques that I use.

View Across a Number of Grouped Items

This view shows a broad overview of coverage of specific individual traits. The traits are also grouped by domain, and the individuals by status or role.

The viewer can interact with the underlying data by selecting and deselecting the checkboxes to the right. In this way, the desired data can be sorted and highlighted, as well as any combination of individuals or roles selected for comparison.

Analyzing Balance of Coverage

Here, the viewer can interact with the data by selecting and deselecting the checkboxes to the right in order to compare overall team trait balance.

This form of interactivity often leads to new insights about the selected data. By pulling numbers out of spreadsheets and making them visible and interactive, data becomes much faster and easier to understand.

Another View of Coverage and Balance

This view allows decision makers to see imbalances and gaps in trait and domain coverage at a glance. Teamed with the other interactive views, this use of visual data analysis gives executives and staff a way to see their data and more rapidly plan and adapt to changing  business needs.